Earls Court is a very vibrant area with a large number of restaurants (mainly fast food chains) and shops. There is a big Aussie community as well as the usual mix of Londoners and other nationalities. Earls Court is also the site of a large exhibition centre which hosts varied events throughout the year and attracts visitors from around the world.

There are plenty of escorts working from flats in and around Earls Court, in fact more than you will find in most central London areas. There was a time when all the phone boxes on Earls Court were littered with escort cards with phone number of local Earls Court escorts but as the phone boxes have been removed and the laws tightened you will see less and less of them but this doesn't mean the escorts are no longer there!

These days Earls Court offers everything from cheap eats to fine dinning experiences, from bedsits to the plushest and poshest hotels and escorts from every corner of the world costing from the basic entry level to those that command several thousands of pounds for their services.

Staying in a hotel in Earls Court

The area is not just where backpackers settle when they hit the UK. Parts of Earls Court are highly exclusive, expensive and really top end. If you are planning to stay in the area it really all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to spend. You have all the usual suspects such the Premier Inn as well as independent hotels such as Henley House Hotel or the Mayflower Hotel which are both fairly reasonably priced.

The only thing remaining is to browse through our listings of independent escorts and find that perfect companion. What could be more exciting or indeed rewarding!