When it comes to choosing an escort, do you go for independent escorts or agency girls? We hear a lot from people who say they ONLY book independent escorts or conversley they ONLY book escorts from an agency. That may seem strange to the remainder of people whom make little distinction between the two and would therefore happily dabble in both. So, what are the main differences, if any, in booking an independent escort or a girl from an agency? What, again if anything, differs in the process or the service you can expect from each one? The truth is there are some subtle differences, specially at the initial booking stage, which may be the real reason why some punters are die hard one way or the other inclined. Booking an independent escort offers a much more personal service. If you are contacting the girl by phone then the personal touch starts right there as most of the time you will be speaking directly to your potential date from the off (though some independent escorts do have others to handle their booking service). This might be your chance, and hers, to get an initial and brief introduction, though most companions have strict rules as to what can and can not be discussed over the phone and all punters must respect that fully. If both parties like the sound of each other and the escort is available for the said location at the said time then the booking is made and all aspects finalised. Most men, at this point, feel exuberant at the prospect of meeting the fine lady they have just spoken to on the phone, it's all arranged after all! This, could very well be the main draw for those who only ever book independent girls.

The process through an escort agency may be rather more sterile, but again, that may exactly be the draw for those whom only ever book through an agency. Having looked through an agencie's portfolio and chosen a few potential dates (we really recommend you have a first, second and third choice when you call up) you contact the agency of your choice and are put through to a receptionist, often a woman but more recently men also which in our eyes is absolutely fine. You offer your number one selection and the proposed date and time of your potential meet up and go on from there. All being well, your agency will get back to you within a few minutes, either by text or by way of a call and confirm the booking for you, giving you all the details you would need for the booking. At that stage, the booking has been made and now it's just a waiting game!

From here on the process between an independent or an agency girl is pretty much the same. You will meet them at their place or they will meet you at yours and the service can then begin. It has been said that the service from an independent is more personal and enjoyable as essentially it is their business and they wish to ensure that their clients are fully satisfied with their service and turn in to return clients. There is probably some truth in that and even though the vast majority of agency girls also provide a fantastic service, career independent escorts probably just the extra mile to ensure the most enjoyable of evenings.

Of course, the choice you get from an agency is unrivalled and it is because of that many punters simply turn to agencies. We think you have the best of both worlds and it really comes down to a personal preference though we would encourage you not to shy away from one and dabble in both!